Pourable Creamcheese

Introducing Smithfield Pourable Cream Cheese

An innovative new cream cheese created for Chefs by Chefs. It’s ready to use right out of the fridge-- requires zero upfront prep and whips in seconds, saving you valuable time. No additives, no fillers, nothing but pure cream cheese.

Unlock your creativity and Rethink Cream Cheese.

Rethink Cream Cheese

Unlock culinary creativity with Smithfield Pourable Cream Cheese. Learn more about our NEW product, and develop sweet and savory recipes that highlight the product's versatility.

Savory Dip

Smithfield’s Pourable Cream Cheese can help you achieve the beautifully whipped consistency to create dips and spreads.

Carrot Cake

A classic cream cheese frosting made with Smithfield Pourable Cream Cheese, used directly from the fridge. Maximize production times by no longer needing to allow cream cheese to soften at room temperature.


Used directly from the fridge to create a wonderfully light and fluffy mousse. Smithfield Cream Cheese allows for an easier and faster incorporation.

Ice Cream

Pour the cream cheese directly into the ice cream mixture and it's ready to process. Also perfect for filling doughnuts, tarts, eclairs, cake fillings, cream pies or napoleons.


A rapid preparation method using Smithfield Pourable Cream Cheese.


Spoon Smithfield Pourable Cream Cheese over pizza dough like a sauce. Layer ingredients and create a rich pizza experience. Use the pourable cream cheese in recipes you would a block cream cheese, and explore new avenues thanks to its liquid state.


Add Smithfield Pourable Cream Cheese to milkshakes to add a layer of delicate cheese cake flavor.