Pourable Cream Cheese Cheesecake Milkshake

COOK TIME:5 minutes
    10.75 oz. Smithfield Pourable Cream Cheese
    3.5 oz. Vanilla Ice Cream
    2.75 oz. Milk
    1 Tbsp. Graham Cracker Crumbs

  1. Add ice cream, milk and Smithfield Pourable Cream Cheese to a milk shake canister
  2. Attach canister to milk shake machine and blend well
  3. Pour milkshake into a glass cup
  4. Top with graham cracker crumbs and serve!

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Made with 100% grade A milk and cream with a natural process,
as opposed to a direct set process, Smithfield cream cheese uses
a traditional Amish Pennsylvania Dutch country recipe. It is very
versatile in its application and is used by manufacturers,
professional chefs and bakers.